About Me

Welcome to Omid Pourhadi Personal website
  • I have extensive experience developing object-oriented programming and applying design patterns in application architecture
  • I consider myself a passionate programmer
  • I began writing articles about java in my blog from 2010
  • I became captivated by the world of free and open source software
  • I discovered the combination of Linux and Seam platform is the ideal blend on which to build my professional career
  • I've worked on open source ERPs for more than 3 years
  • I contribute to open source softwares most of the my spare times
  • I like to study both softwares & people behind them
  • I'm methodology luddite manifesto
  • I'm an unapologetic Java Developer
  • You need more information, feel free to download my resume
  • You can contact me at omidpourhadi@gmail.com
  • Fork me at github
  • I build apps, IDEAS
  • JEDLab Founder